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The Sport Concussion Library offers a wealth of information on the topic of sport concussion. It has information for all audiences, including: Researchers, Athletes, Parents, Coaches and First Responders (Therapists/Trainers), Educational Institutions, Physicians. The Library is a non-profit, no-fee, publically accessible storehouse for all non-commercial peer reviewed literature on sport concussion.

The first goal for this project was to build a web application to organize, import, export and maintain the very large library database of references and literature resources on sport concussion.

The second objective was to make this information more accessible and available for all major mobile devices, tablet and desktop platforms.

Project Type

Web Application

Still in testing phase*





Data Management

Schlr Responsive Web Application demo

*You will be able to access this new application very soon. Stay tuned.

Reference Browse System

The home page provides a list of the most recent changes to the data collection, and a login form (which will be replaced with user options when user is logged in). The main header menu is kept very simple with user info and advanced search functions on the right and library options in the left.

Advanced Reference Search

There are very extensive and advanced search options including a Simple Search form as well as an Advanced Search form

Reference Home Page Most Recent List

There are 4 viewing options from the main reference library, this example is list view. There is also citation, details and print veiw.

Admin User Options

Finally there are a load of built in options for each admin (and registard user) to customize their experience and workflow.

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