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The objective for this project was to create a content and visual heavy blogging system. I wanted to make sure that the main focus of this website was the content, I did not want the menus and navigation getting in the way of that goal. This lead to the development of a (hidden by default) off-canvas menu. This keeps the navigation links in one place and is not distracting for the end user.

Project Type

Responsive Blogging Platform

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Curate Content Responsive Website demo

This site has been built mobile-first. This means it's accessible on any mobile device, tablet or desktop computer.

Example post

Each post has a featured image, and the post can also be added to any number of categories or tags. The site also has a built in Search function.

Example of the Off-canvas Sidebar Menu

This is an example of the off-canvas menu. This is very useful as it keeps everything very organized and is only onscreen if it is requested.

WordPress Content Management System Admin Area

The backend of this website has been build with the latest WordPress (CMS) release.

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